Its my Life!!

Since the 9th of July Erica and I have been traveling throughout the Netherlands and Germany and will be over here until October.
Okay, so we flew into Iceland, where we had a 10 hour layover. We could have gone out to explore the surrounding areas since we had plenty of time to, but since the plane touched down around 6 in the morning, we opted to sleep anyways. There is a hot springs about half an hour from the airport so hopefully on the way back we'll utilize our layover for that. The airport was amazing though, check it out!

Next stop.. Amsterdam. It was raining the entire time we were there, and there were high/drunk people everywhere. Gross!!
Plus we had to stay in a crummy hostel in a room full of younger kids. There were about 4 guys who stumbled in at 4am, crashed into their beds and proceeded to snore as loud as I've ever heard. Erica kept sleeping but myself and the other girls in the room were kept up ALL NIGHT!!
Here are the two highlights of Amesterdam:


Onto the Netherlands.
We stayed with Ericas oldtime friend Anna in her house of 9 people in the small town of Wageningen. Say it: "wahg-en-ing-in" thats right, now you speak Dutch!
Her house was really awesome considering there were 9 people living there. It was very community based, and everyone was really put together and respectful of each other. Plus, there were group dinners almost every night. YUM! I love to eat!

This is a view of the stagnant stream that ran (or didnt run) under one of the many tiny bridges in Wageningen. It rains there a few times a day, so everything is extremely green. We got to walk out onto the Moor near Anna's house and trek through an open field where cows roamed freely, rain comes out of nowhere, and we are forced to jump a barbed wire fence into the private property of a gentleman who wasnt too happy to have us under his overhang.
Check out this Waginingen thrift store treasure
First and LAST. These chicks are fried!
On to Hamburg!
We traveled by car with Anna and her roommate Laura to Hamburg, got pulled over and searched for drugs because of Anna's 'strange' (but sober!!!) behavior. 
Hamburg was alright, and we were probably in the wrong neighborhood for anything wild and fun, but E and I werent really stoked about it. Both of us being sick for an average total of 5 days didn't help either. There were some highlights.

We did get to check out the Port

We also got to go to the Planetarium

The observation deck granted us a REALLY nice view of the surrounding area

 plus it's surrounded by a HUGE park. 

We got to test out our new rainjackets a lot this day, since it was pretty much raining the whole time

Here's some Hamburg graffiti we spotted.

We caught the taxi to Hamburg's Hauptbahnhof to catch a bus to Berlin. Somehow getting dropped off at the train station at the moment we had to be on our bus, spinning in circles franticly while trying to locate the bus station, and running to the bus station got us there in time to wait 20 minutes for our bus to leave...
It was a long ride, and on the way I realized I'd left my Ipod at the hostel.
We arrived in Berlin with about 40 minutes until we had to meet our first person for an apartment viewing, though on the way there he notified us that he had rented the place to someone else. He will burn in hell, I'm sure.
At the end of a long day of back and forth, we decided on the second place we looked at. 

Our Room.

Since being here, we've unintentionally explored a lot of the city due to getting lost while heading to another destination. 


Erica making a political stance. 
There is so much graffiti here, its a vandals' heaven!!

Having our ship rocked by the subway creature.

Rescuing E from a colorful breed of German bear.

Eating the best burgers either one of us have had in a long time at this place. Another gem we stumbled onto while getting lost. This was the second of now three places we have gone to where the event has been over by more than a day, or the shop has been closed by more than a year.

This is the view from our roof.

In the next coming weeks, I plan on taking an intensive German language course at one of the Universities here. Its cheap.. only 70 Euro!
Then Erica and I will be traveling south to WWOOF on a farm, travel northeast a bit to go to a metal festival, and then back south to WWOOF on another farm before heading back to Schiphol to catch our flight back to the States.

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