Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been pretty busy lately
First off, I have a show coming up (date TBA) with Justin Green (!!!), Brian Hagen, David Hartz and a couple other artists.
The show's going to be called LOST CATS.

This is my personal image for the show cards.

FREAK 1 is about to go on a four day tour with Jim Swill and Evolve to promote their new records (or in Swill's case just to do some readings.) By the way, anyone that follows or knows Swill, get stoked. He's doing a talk for TedTV this Saturday!! Big time Swill.
Anyways, this image is for Freak to use for his release. If you've never heard his bizzare brand of hip-hop and youre into experimental music, definitely check it out. SO good.

This is me killing some time quite wisely at my.... DAY JOB

Same as before