Sunday, February 19, 2012


Its been a little while since I've posted.
I've since finished Junkie Kut and The Kill's work, but can't post either one yet, since that would spoil the surprise of the releases.
: C

There have been a lot of other things going on though.

Firstly, this piece HAD to be done.
And what a mistake it was. This situation needs to be rectified asap...
: /

Why is this underlined???
This may not ever get off the ground, but it was intended as a logo for an organic food company

Also, redrew the logo for the Pizza Wolves patches. I like it a little better, but Treebeard hates it!
Both will be available for purchase, free or trade within two weeks.

This is a random old page out of my sketchbook that I thought seemed relevant. Just got access to a book of ancient mayan art, so maybe this sketch was the thought planting its seed, 7 months ago.

These last two things are excerpts from a book I've been slowly reading throughout the last year called The Game of Wizards: Science, Psyche, and Symbol in the Occult.
Where is the underline when I need it?