Saturday, November 27, 2010

frost bond

all done with this little guy. hes pretty outta luck.
this will most certainly be used for urban decoration, and maybe shirts, ive already prepared the transparency for burning a screen, but im not too sure how all this little detail will turn out.
gonna try my luck with some 305 thread count.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

pecan tweak

blaaaaaaaaa! after nearly two weeks of tedious, carpal-tunnel style detail-work ive gotten my part of Mavis Concave and Bunk News' dvd cover finished. Hilary's doing the lettering/tracklist etc, so this is goin in the mail to seattle for her to finish up the second part. above is my final design, and below are some detail shots, followed by some progress pics.
the full view still leaves a lot of the details in a pretty illegible state, so if you wanna take a peek at the entirety of it, download it from here .
their split dvd should be out within the next month or two. hard, speedy electronics played over glitched out, choppy video.

final version will be posted as soon as hilary digs herself out of the unseasonal snowstorm and the mailbox to mailbox interim passes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

lover booker

yes!! im really happy to finally get a scan of this and upload it.
did this as the final piece of a three part sketch series in favor of my favorite Repulsion song

here is the second part. maybe someday ill post the first.

printed off another volley of patches, this time with a new design. same deal with these, you want one, 3 bucks local, 4 bucks shipping and handling.
hit me uppp.