Wednesday, September 29, 2010


its only taken me two months to locate these pictures, but heres all the documentation ive got of the insanely enthralling aug 28th event at the Mockbee. I did this shrine installation with the accompanying artwork. most of the pieces shown can be seen elsewhere on this blog, with the exception of the large one at the top which, hey! ive still got to get photo'ed the right way.
this night was a blast. thanks to Allie Elderod and Emily Kamholtz for shooting these pics.

mavis concave and bunk news. see for yourself. this was a bangin night.

pretty pleased at how this thing turned out, especially given that i only had an afternoon to set up.
mad props to bunk davy for helping me get that massive log from the woods to the mockbee.

something riveting just went down at the food table.

CemCom put on (then) their best set yet complete with an oil spill and free copy of arnold schwarzenegger's 'the running man' being given away as a prize for doing the best version of the dance of the same name.

hilary did this slick three panel piece. the mockbee's walls make hanging anything a supreme bitch, but the industrial-overkill architecture make it so worth it.

Jim Swill tearing it up with his spoken word. his shit is no joke, check it out if you haven't already.

finally finished Kelsey's piece. its her dog Napoleon, horse Hope, and cat Riley.

.e slaying down some tracks.

massive vegan potluck. also knife boy is in this one.

Allie's installation created the area for lounging/eating

Collaboration with Freak One. Hilary did the three-eyed rabbit.

This is one of the few pictures of both panels. Freak One and the Bunk News guys worked on the right panel hidden by Sam's big body.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

miles past worthless

whilst driving back from visiting grandma with my mom and brother, far too frail by skinny puppy was playing in my brain, thus creating this dude to dance/writhe in my third eye. sketched out the bad dude upon returning home.
ill be having stickers and a screenprint of this available within a week or two, in case one of you wants one!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Haunt Jumper

we've got a kicker! this ones gonna be a blast. realicide will be leaving for a sweeping tour of europe and the u.k. following this show, plus youve got cloud rat and xtra vomit coming down from the north to grind our faces off. come out and support theeze boyze. this'll be Veterans second show, and Benigma and B. Hill really arent gonna let anyone down. im certain you've now decided to attend.
franchesca and i busted this flyer out, in case you were wondering.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

oakland h.q.

Did this for my distant dude Nate's band mortal feast
simple as that. time for a gorefest.

pics from the art opening are currently being hunted down. i... forgot my camera for my own show so i enlisted photo'ing help from others, and its proven a little harder than usual to nab the pics. they'll be up soon.