Monday, June 21, 2010

falcon jump

perished in the desert! did this for my buddy kevin jump in exchange for some beautiful 2 inch ebony plugs.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

crip walken and the end of a reich

good man brandon vester and i decided to trade trades. he loves chris walken. i needed a new computer built. my only regret is the source image was from google image search, and now that its out in the open, no one can hassle me about it!
heres some progress shots, preceded by a detail shot.
p.s. i am super down to do a large stencil image of ANYTHING.
if you want one of these please, hit me up

good old brendon finally made it outta college, so i made him this congrats card
the german is undoubtedly broken, all thanks to babelfish and my reluctance to trust daaaana despite her experience living in deutschland for a few years.
in any case, it was supposed to say 'do as you will' and 'good luck'
dont let me down buddy!